Our Vision

To increase access to nutritious vegetables for everybody. We believe the greatest barrier to access is an inefficient food system that hinders an equitable supply of food. We hope to eliminate this barrier with our two-pronged approach:


We feed: All of the crops that is produced on Farmcity is sold directly to consumers. We deliberately sell our organic vegetables at cost price so that it remains affordable for everybody.

We educate: It is only through education that we can truly effect transformational and lasting change in our food system.  We run various tours, classes and workshops so more people can make informed choices about their food.


Our Business Model

We founded Farmcity on an unwavering commitment to keep nutritious vegetables accessible to everybody, even if it entailed operating our agricultural unit at a loss. We deliberately built our business model such that our educational programs subsidises our cost of production, so we can keep our produce affordable and our business viable. In the near future, we foresee preventive healthcare and nutrition as the eventual complement to Farmcity’s services.

Our Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

We firmly believe it truly takes a village to create a sustainable business in today’s marketplace, and supporting the local economy is the right way to go. We buy our inputs from local businesses as far as possible, and are deeply committed to building meaningful partnerships and a culture of support that uplifts the community around us.


Our Pricing Philosophy

We deliberately keep our prices stable each year, because we understand that fluctuating prices create a lot of uncertainty for households operating on a tight budget. This means that we will never raise our prices “just because”, even when the rest of the market is.

Our Employee Philosophy

We believe that diversity of experience is just as - if not more - valuable than traditional specialisations. We prioritise a willingness to learn and the passion to transfer skills to build new systems over academic qualifications. As firm believers in fairness and equality, we also aspire to build a remuneration structure that ensures from the lowest paid employee through to our most senior team members (including CEO), there is never a difference of more than 5x in salary.


Meet The Team


Wesley was the co-founder of Peekspy, a start-up he bootstrapped in Singapore,  acquired by eBay (StubHub) within its third year of operations. In 2015, after 4 years living in the tech capital of the world, he decided to leave the comfort of eBay to travel the globe and learn new things. Wesley is committed to working on vital issues affecting local communities.


Kelly received her Masters of Non Profit Administration from University of San Francisco (USF), with a research focus on sustainable solutions against human trafficking. Prior to that, she has worked in both the corporate and government sectors of Singapore, working her way from client management to international business advisory for small and medium enterprises. In 2015, she was awarded the USF Dean’s Award for Outstanding Public Service.


Jean-Claude has been with Farmcity since Day 1. Prior to farmcity, he managed a team of 15 to build some of the most beautiful villas in Mauritius. Jean-Claude was also a professional boxer and has excelled in some of the most prestigious competitions across the island. Originally from Rodrigues Island, Jean Claude brings with him the perfect combination of muscle and resourcefulness and is Farmcity’s resident superman.


Ridvan joined us as an animator in November 2018. He is the coordinator for the Junior Youth Empowerment Program in Mauritius - a program for pre-youths aged between 11-15 years old that helps them become autonomous, develop academically and spiritually, while contributing to the betterment of society. Ridvan holds a degree in Tourism, Leisure & Recreational Management from University of Mauritius and is a soccer enthusiast who plays for a team in the region of Baie du Tombeau.


Flo is a certified health coach and has a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of San Francisco, with a special interest in maternal and child health. Prior to her postgraduate studies, Flo served as a religious volunteer for several years in Haifa, Israel. She has training and extensive experience in teaching and mentoring children and junior youth and is a proud mother of one.

Our Advisors


Min is the CEO of Reddot an innovation consultancy firm based in Mauritius. She is a master facilitator and systems thinker, passionate about combining the power of business, design, and technology for a better world. She started her first business at 17, and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. She has held positions in banking, healthcare, and education, was also part of the team at Qik, a Silicon Valley startup that sold to Skype for $150M. She also runs PlayMoolah, a social enterprise that delivers financial education through game-based learning, and volunteers at ServiceSpace, a non-profit that believes in the power of small acts of kindness to change the world.


Alam learnt to code before coding was cool, joined Oracle, and then became part of the mobile team at Yahoo! that built the first pre-installed App for the first iPhone. His experiences in hiring and managing large-scale engineering teams taught him the value of customer empathy and agile methodologies. Later, he co-founded a venture-funded prediction markets startup, and joined a non-profit that used big data and visualization to predict per-patient outcomes in oncology. Alam loves bringing the right team together to reimagine solutions to tough problems, especially intractable ones. He has a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics. 


Jean-Herve is the CEO of Kall Kwik Enterprise Company Ltd., located in Mauritius. He has years of experience as an entrepreneur, bootstrapping his own startup from humble beginnings to one with a solid reputation for delivering high-quality service to thousands of customers throughout Mauritius. 


Mohammed is a seasoned agronomist currently based  in Canada.  He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Agronomy and Crop Science from Université Laval in Quebec


Paymon was VP of Manufacturing at SwitchCore AB, a Swedish fabless company. His 24 years of experience in manufacturing, mainly in product and test engineering, were gained at some of the tier one semiconductor companies in the world such as Motorola. Paymon is currently CEO of Lynxemi, based in Singapore. He studied engineering from California State University, Fullerton.



Why Do We Grow Off Soil?

Great question! Unsustainable practices favoured by industrial agriculture, including the reliance on toxic agrichemicals and the practice of monoculture, have decimated the soil around us. As it is devoid of important microbial life and nutrients, we decided to build our own soil with all the natural, yummy goodness to give our plants a fresh, healthy start.

Are You 100% Organic?

Yes, we believe we are. We hold ourselves to the Organic 3.0 standard that requires our farming system to be:

  1. ecologically sound

  2. economically viable

  3. socially just

  4. culturally diverse

  5. transparently accountable. 

Currently, we do not hold any organic certification.

What Certification Do You Have?

Farmcity is not certified organic. Why? We are still exploring certification options that is reflective of our values and cultivation practices. Currently, organic certification is only available for soil based cultivation. Even so, as the organic food industry becomes increasingly lucrative, the very essence of organic standards has been diluted to become more of a marketing tool than a recognition of food safety. The certification process also requires financial and human resources that small businesses like us simply cannot afford at this point. That being said, we believe in 100% transparency with regards to how we grow. Our farm is also always open for anyone who would like to visit. We feel this builds an authentic level of trust no certification can match.

Where Do You Sell Your Crops?

We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables.  You can buy our vegetables at Total Station (Belle Vue) Fridays 3-5:30pm. Please note that due to our limited supply, we will confirm each market on our facebook page. We regret that we are not able to cater for pre-orders or subscription baskets at the moment. 

Can I Visit Farmcity?

Absolutely! Full details on this page.

How Can I Contact You?

The best ways to reach us is via email: contact@farmcity.co, this online form, or sending us a private message on facebook. The nature of what we do means we rarely have our hands free or our phones with us during our hours of operation. If you are able to provide us with as much information as would be helpful, we would greatly appreciate it. It would also enable us to respond to your enquiry swiftly.