The Team


Wesley is a Mauritian-born entrepreneur who founded, bootstrapped and led his first start-up to acquisition in 3 years. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2008, sold his company to eBay Inc. in 2012, and moved to Silicon Valley where he joined the Stubhub Ebay team to manage production of over 6000 3D interactive stadium maps on desktop, native and mobile web.    
During his time at eBay, Wesley received 2 Recognition Awards and 6 Patent awards, including 3 patents in Australia and 2 patents granted in the United States. He also formed and managed a new development team in Stubhub's Shanghai office.   
Wesley was featured in several media publications including The Strait Times Singapore, The Business Times Singapore, Sunday Times Singapore, Techcrunch, Ebay Official Blog, National University of Singapore publication, L'express and Business Magazine Mauritius.  He has lived on 3 different continents and after spending 12 years away from his homeland, Wesley came back in 2016 to set up Farmcity, a social enterprise, to build the next wave of agripreneurs that will help create a more just food system.
Wesley is a board member of Turbine, a start-up incubator and accelerator based in Mauritius, and a board member of Center for Agriculture, Research and Entrepreneurship (CARE) Mauritius.  



Kelly received her Masters of Nonprofit Administration from University of San Francisco (USF), with a research focus on sustainable solutions against human trafficking. Prior to that, she has worked in both the corporate and government sectors of Singapore, working her way from client management to international business advisory for small and medium enterprises. In 2015, she was awarded the USF Dean’s Award for Outstanding Public Service.



Vyas holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriscience and Technology from the University of Mauritius. Passionate about agriculture from a tender age, his personal goal is to help the world attain sufficiency in sustenance, using proper production protocols in order to avoid harming people, as well as the other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Vyas’s pledge is to encourage youngsters to actively participate in creating modern and sustainable agricultural methods for a prosperous Mauritius.


Hooshna, a young fauna and flora lover joined our team as a Trainee under the SME Employment Scheme. Holding a degree in Biotechnology from the University of Mauritius, she is passionate about improving the agro industry in Mauritius and thus helping to provide safe and healthy food to our community. Her prior experience at the FAREI, CWA and MRC have also shaped her passion for a safe and healthy Mauritius. Raised on the beautiful shores of Grand-Baie, the islander in her brings a natural connection to Farmcity's vision.


Our Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

We firmly believe it truly takes a village to create a sustainable business in today’s marketplace, and supporting the local economy is the right way to go. We buy our inputs from local businesses as far as possible, and are deeply committed to building meaningful partnerships and a culture of support that uplifts the community around us.


Our Pricing Philosophy

We deliberately keep our prices stable each year, because we understand that fluctuating prices create a lot of uncertainty for households operating on a tight budget. This means that we will never raise our prices “just because”, even when the rest of the market is.

Our Employee Philosophy

We believe that diversity of experience is just as - if not more - valuable than traditional specialisations. We prioritise a willingness to learn and the passion to transfer skills to build new systems over academic qualifications. As firm believers in fairness and equality, we also aspire to build a remuneration structure that ensures from the lowest paid employee through to our most senior team members (including CEO), there is never a difference of more than 5x in salary.

Past Participants



Are You 100% Organic?

Yes, we believe we are. We hold ourselves to the Organic 3.0 standard that requires our farming system to be:

  1. ecologically sound

  2. economically viable

  3. socially just

  4. culturally diverse

  5. transparently accountable. 

Currently, we do not hold any organic certification.

What Certification Do You Have?

Farmcity is not certified organic. Why? We are still exploring certification options that is reflective of our values and cultivation practices. Currently, organic certification is only available for soil based cultivation. Even so, as the organic food industry becomes increasingly lucrative, the very essence of organic standards has been diluted to become more of a marketing tool than a recognition of food safety. The certification process also requires financial and human resources that small businesses like us simply cannot afford at this point. That being said, we believe in 100% transparency with regards to how we grow. Our farm is also always open for anyone who would like to visit. We feel this builds an authentic level of trust no certification can match.

Where Do You Sell Your Crops?

We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables. Currently, we are trialling a "Community Supported Agriculture  (CSA) Style" of vegetable basket distribution. In essence, this is a partnership between a community (that’s you) and a farmer (that’s us). Farmcity pledges to grow good, healthy food for the community, and the community pledges to support the farm. We aim to provide a weekly basket of mixed vegetables, cultivated organically and freshly harvested on the day of collection. We will also bring it to a collection point near you for your added convenience! 

To sign up for our Community Supported Veggie Baskets, click here:

Can I Visit Farmcity?

Absolutely! Full details on this page.

How Can I Contact You?

The best ways to reach us is via email:, or send us a private message on facebook. The nature of what we do means we rarely have our hands free or our phones with us during our hours of operation. If you are able to provide us with as much information as would be helpful, we would greatly appreciate it. It would also enable us to respond to your enquiry swiftly.