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All our produce is grown naturally, without any toxic chemicals and in harmony with nature. We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables.


5pm-6pm @ Beau Plan



We strive to ensure our practices are working in cooperation with (and of benefit to) people and planet, often in direct contrast to the pollutive and exploitative nature of conventional agriculture.


How We Grow?

We grow our crops under the TropicBird - our proprietary greenhouse built for the tropics.  Named after the Paille-en-queue, the TropicBird is a new type of sheltered farming designed for the tropical climate. Passive ventilation systems channels heat effectively, greatly reduces the penetration of insects and pests, and a central gutter channels rainwater away from crops and into storage systems for future use. It is also built to withstand cyclonic wind speeds of up to 280 km/h! This patent-pending greenhouse is modular and can be mounted in the fields or up on rooftops. We also cultivate in raised bed plantations filled with nutrient-rich soil that is teeming with life.

Diverse plantings of flowers, herbs and trees of different varieties enable a farm rich in above- and below-ground beneficial organisms that naturally control insects and inhibit growth of disease organisms. Green waste generated is fed to composting worms, transforming waste into organic, nutrient-rich fertilizer for the crops. Rainwater is collected and stored for irrigation, using a system that is gravity-powered and completely plant-driven. This minimises water wastage, eliminates fertilizer run off and requires no power to operate. Meanwhile, a basic photovoltaic system generates sufficient energy to provide for the rest of the farm’s energy needs.

Visit us to see that in action!


What's Available


Produce available varies according to the season and our Facebook page is the best way to see what’s available for the week.


Everything we grow on the farm is available for sale as a ready-to-transplant seedling. Need something specific? We do made-to-order too!


  1. Hand Hoe

  2. Potting mix

  3. Biodegradable pots

  4. Worms 

  5. Irrigation system

Our Pricing Philosophy

We deliberately keep our prices stable each year, because we understand that fluctuating prices create a lot of uncertainty for households operating on a tight budget. This means that we will never raise our prices “just because”, even when the rest of the market is.