Board member Handbook. 

List of donors and donations made.

09.03.2019 - 2019 AGM Minutes.

Current Focus Regions

Bois Marchand

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Baie du Tombeau

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Archipel Road, Calodyne.


Fair Fund, La Louisa, Pamplemousses.


Why Agriculture, Research & Entrepreneurship?

Great question! Unsustainable practices favoured by industrial agriculture, including the reliance on toxic agrichemicals and the practice of monoculture, have decimated the soil around us. As it is devoid of important microbial life and nutrients, we decided to build our own soil with all the natural, yummy goodness to give our plants a fresh, healthy start.

What are the regions that CARE focusses into?

  1. Bois Marchand

  2. Baie Du Tombeau

  3. Cité La Cure

  4. Pointe Aux Sables

Who supports CARE?

Farmcity CARE is currently supported by the personal contributions of Wesley and Kelly. 

How does the community benefits from our programmes? 

We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables.  You can buy our vegetables here:



12 - 6pm




New techniques 

1 - 2pm

Lighthouse Primary & Secondary School

(when school is in session)


Friday Markets @ Quatre Bornes

5 - 8pm

Near Empire Gym

(pop-ups only, check our facebook for more details)

Can I Visit Farmcity?

Absolutely! Full details on this page.

How Can I Contact You?

The best ways to reach us is via email: contact@farmcity.com, this online form, or sending us a private message on facebook. The nature of what we do means we rarely have our hands free or our phones with us during our hours of operation. If you are able to provide us with as much information as would be helpful, we would greatly appreciate it. It would also enable us to respond to your enquiry swiftly.