Team Discovery

Our corporate visit program is a learning tour that uses sustainable agriculture  as a teacher and springboard for deeper discussions around sustainability, unity in diversity, innovation and collaboration. Turn a fun day out into a day of discovery - speak with us to tailor an experience for your employees.

What Is It About?

Your Day of Discovery will begin with an introduction to Farmcity, our organic farming model and how we grow organic vegetables in a manner that works with nature instead of against it. Thereafter, participants will also enjoy an interactive workshop on a topic of your choice, from as simple as growing their own vegetables, to a deeper conversation around innovation. For a comfortable experience, each tour at Farmcity is conducted in groups of no more than 25 people at a time.

  • Duration: ranges between 1.5 hours to 3 hours

  • A maximum of 2 tours can be conducted per day.

  • Casual outfits recommended

Other Programs We Run

Farmcity offers guided tours and workshops to enable anyone to experience modern farming first hand. We offer a range of themes,  delivered on and off the farm, relating to the wider topic of agripreneurship and the future of food.


Can’t tell a cotomili from a parsley? Have dreams of a herb garden but you can’t even keep a cactus alive? Well we couldn’t either… not until we started Farmcity at least. The running joke among us is that we made all of the worst mistakes so others don’t have to. We share all of our learnings, tips and tricks through this series of interactive workshops. Great for all ages, no farming experience needed!


The #Cultivate program is a 1.5hour program specially developed for primary and secondary level students. In this workshop, we introduce participants to Farmcity's farming model and engage their inner entrepreneur with a fair trade simulation. The goal is to have students leave with a a greater awareness of their role as changemakers in the greater food system. School visits can be conducted in groups of 30 at a time, and a maximum of two groups per day. 


Fancy a change of scenery? Our experiential programs take teams and managers on a learning journey out of the office and ‘back to the land’. Exposure to nature has been linked to better moods, higher job satisfaction, and more commitment to their employer. Speak with us today to tailor an activity that best suit your employee needs.


#MunchBunch is a  holiday program that takes place on a working farm. We introduce children to sustainable agriculture through storytelling, experimentation, observation and adventurous play.


Farmcity's Agripreneurship 101 is an afterschool program aimed at cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among junior youths aged 10-15. Using the future of food as a premise, we invite students to explore, invent and innovate out-of-this-world solutions to some of the challenges around the future of food. They will learn to problem solve, prototype and pitch their ideas effectively, some of the essential skills required for the economy of the future. To start an Agripreneurs Club in your school, reach out here.


Every Saturday morning, we take our visitors on a tour of Farmcity, sharing what we do, how we grow, and what we are all about. We never want income to be a barrier to learning more, so we conduct these tours on a “Pay-What-You-Wish basis. This means exactly that - pay what you wish at the end of the tour, if you feel you’ve learnt something during your visit.