Rs 1500

Enjoy a delicious lunch from our Chef Olivier.

Our #Farm-To-Table experience tour will bring you long holiday program introducing children to innovative and sustainable agriculture through storytelling, experimentation, observation and adventurous play.


What You'll Learn

How to identify the the veggies

How to slice 

How to prepare a local mauritian dish

How to present your plate

A Mauritian d


Where Are We Located?

Our flagship farm is located in Beau Plan, Mauritius.

  1. At the round-about of Pamplemousses (from M2 highway), take exit called Bois Rouge. 

  2. Drive pass the village and sugarcane fields for about 2km - until you reach a fork and an asphalted road on your left. 

  3. Keep going pass the entrance of Centre Equestre. Turn left at crossroad. 

  4. Turn right at the first dirt road.

What our visitors say

It has been a great experience for all of us. My two sons were so eager to learn about growing the plants, being mindful towards nature and their surroundings.  We will definitely start building our own compost. My 5 year old has already told me to put the banana skin on the compost. We can't  wait to join you for the next holidays again!

Silke Sannasse 

My children had the most wonderful time at the farm. They were surrounded by fresh air and happiness. it was great that my children got to do things at the farm which are often difficult to do at home. They were both full of smiles and thoroughly tired when they returned home each day.

Kim Wightman

Other Programs We Run

Farmcity offers guided tours and workshops to enable anyone to experience modern farming first hand. We offer a range of themes,  delivered on and off the farm, relating to the wider topic of agripreneurship and the future of food.


The #Cultivate program is a 1.5hour program specially developed for primary and secondary level students. In this workshop, we introduce participants to Farmcity's farming model and engage their inner entrepreneur with a fair trade simulation. The goal is to have students leave with a a greater awareness of their role as changemakers in the greater food system. School visits can be conducted in groups of 30 at a time, and a maximum of two groups per day. 


Fancy a change of scenery? Our experiential programs take teams and managers on a learning journey out of the office and ‘back to the land’. Exposure to nature has been linked to better moods, higher job satisfaction, and more commitment to their employer. Speak with us today to tailor an activity that best suit your employee needs.


#MunchBunch is a  holiday program that takes place on a working farm. We introduce children to sustainable agriculture through storytelling, experimentation, observation and adventurous play.


Farmcity's Agripreneurship 101 is an afterschool program aimed at cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among junior youths aged 10-15. Using the future of food as a premise, we invite students to explore, invent and innovate out-of-this-world solutions to some of the challenges around the future of food. They will learn to problem solve, prototype and pitch their ideas effectively, some of the essential skills required for the economy of the future. To start an Agripreneurs Club in your school, reach out here.


Every Saturday morning, we take our visitors on a tour of Farmcity, sharing what we do, how we grow, and what we are all about. We never want income to be a barrier to learning more, so we conduct these tours on a “Pay-What-You-Wish basis. This means exactly that - pay what you wish at the end of the tour, if you feel you’ve learnt something during your visit.