The Agripreneurs Hub

Are you a beekeeper? A chicken whisperer?

The Steve Jobs of the Organic World?

If you are doing things differently,

we'd love to support you

in your endeavours. 

The Space

A 9,500 sqm organic farm 

Inspiration usually begins here, where technology meets in nature.

Parking Facilities

Ample parking space for your guests and you.

TropicBird Greenhouse

A unique space imagined, designed and built right here in Mauritius.

The Open Workspace

Who needs an office when you have an open, breezy verandah to work from?

The Training Center

A modular space for your training and educational needs.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

What would be good organic food without a good kitchen and cook?

Projector Facilities

Because what's a cool remote space in nature without basic tech?

Smart Sensors

Our sensors were developed and built by local tech entrepreneurs.

Rich Biodiversity

Beneficial microbes, insects & flowers - all contribute to our rich ecosystem

25  Plots up for Grab

The Mentors

Wesley is a Mauritian-born entrepreneur who founded, bootstrapped and led his first start-up to acquisition in 3 years. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2008, sold his company to eBay Inc. in 2012, and moved to Silicon Valley where he joined the Stubhub Ebay team to manage production of over 6000 3D interactive stadium maps on desktop, native and mobile web.
During his time at eBay, Wesley received 2 Recognition Awards and 6 Patent awards, including 3 patents in Australia and 2 patents granted in the United States. He also formed and managed a new development team in Stubhub's Shanghai office.  
Wesley was featured in several media publications including The Strait Times Singapore, The Business Times Singapore, Sunday Times Singapore, Techcrunch, Ebay Official Blog, National University of Singapore publication, L'express and Business Magazine Mauritius.  
He has lived on 3 different continents and after spending 12 years away from his homeland, Wesley came back in 2016 to set up Farmcity, a social enterprise, to build the next wave of agripreneurs that will help create a more just food system.

Wesley is a board member of Turbine, a start-up incubator and accelerator based in Mauritius, and a board member of Center for Agriculture, Research and Entrepreneurship (CARE) Mauritius.  
Kelly Ann is on a mission to build sustainable food systems. She draws inspiration from previous experience planning and executing effective social development programs in the anti-human trafficking space. She received the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Public Service from the University of San Francisco (USF).
Prior to that, she worked on international business advisory for SMEs in Singapore. Kelly has a proven ability to work with culturally diverse populations and on interdisciplinary teams. She values well-developed and efficient processes, good stakeholder management and resilience. She is a true blue Singaporean who has lived on 3 different continents, and now calls Mauritius home.

In Collaboration with


Are you an organisation that shares our philosophy of a fair and sustainable food system? A world that is not profit-at-all-cost but prosperity with equity? Let's collaborate!


Why now?

Mauritius needs more innovators, more risk takers, and more entrepreneurs that work towards a fair and equitable food system. We need to be building, and encouraging the many resourceful entrepreneurs here in Mauritius to build a resilient country, much needed in the face of greater economic uncertainty and climate change.
We are launching an open call for innovators in the agrifood system - to work, collaborate with, test and share new ideas. Launch your product, and work alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs. Farmcity will offer a safe space that promotes innovation, values transparency, and builds the ecosystem that will redefine agriculture with entreprepreneurs that have the community at heart. 

What are the benefits for agripreneurs?

  • Increased visibility: Farmcity received more than 600 visitors in 2019. We expect this number to double in 2020. By working from Farmcity, we will bring more visibility to your brand and product or service.
  • Community: Agripreneurs work alongside other agripreneurs who are all working towards a better and more sustainable future.
  • Comfort: The farm comes with basic infrastructure that offers a comfortable place to work. Security cameras on the premises also help deter thieves. 
  • A sounding board: Wesley and Kelly are usually on site everyday. As entrepreneurs, we know the struggles and we will be glad to bounce ideas off each other.
  • Integrity, honesty and transparency: we are committed to maintaining our culture of transparency, integrity and honesty where everyone uplifts each other. We are all working towards a common goal!
  • Access to market: Once your product or service is ready to be tested, you get the opportunity to tap on Farmcity's network of regular weekly customers from different regions of the island.

What are some examples of what we would look for?

  • Good, natural, traceable compost is hard to find on the island. We'd love to support an agripreneur in the field of composting!
  • Vermicomposting is huge business opportunity overseas. We believe it would be here too.
  • Can you imagine that seaweed extract in Mauritius is imported from Australia? Even though we are an island and surrounded by it? 
  • Apiculture and its potential value added products could be huge for Mauritius. 
  • Aquaculture and it's closed loop model is one potential avenue for the future of food security.
  • Aged manure (especially from free range livestock) is like gold for farmers. Did you know there are about 5000 farmers locally? Could a business be build around this?
  • Coconuts and its multiple benefits are simply untapped on the island. Coco coir used by local farmers are all imported. Would a local agripreneur take on this opportunity?
  • Local beneficial microbes is simply hard to find these days, even on our lovely tropical island.
  • We get many requests from our visitors to help them with their private organic backyard garden. Could a smart farming device for backyard gardening help? We would love to support that!
  • Anyone interested to start an organic seed bank?
  • There are endless number of product ideas that we can't list here. And we'd love to hear yours!

Sounds good. What's the selection process like?

  1. Submit your application here. Applications open every every quarter, in Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct of each year. 
  2. Once we receive your application, we will be in touch with more questions. This usually entails a phone conversation and/or an in-person interview, so we can get to know you better
  3. Once approved, you will be able to select your plot at Farmcity.
  4. That's it. You've got a dedicated space in one of the best farms on the island.

Length of incubation

The initial period is 6 months, and can be extended based on your progress, and the milestones you reach. Like you, we understand that working with nature requires time, patience and grit, and so we will be flexible. What we are primarily looking for is progress, and a commitment in growing your startup. Every milestone is simply a checkpoint towards your goal!

One plot is not enough. What should I do?

Each plot is approximately 80 square meters. We believe this is a good size to get you started. If you require more than 1 plot to test your idea, we are open to release more per agripreneur. Moreover if you require much larger agricultural land, we can also reach out to our partners to lease a much bigger plots to you.

About Farmcity

Farmcity is a social enterprise founded on an unwavering commitment to keep nutritious food accessible to everybody. While cultivating our vegetables in harmony with nature is at the heart of everything we do, we believe the most effective tool for transformative change in our food system is to teach entrepreneurship using agriculture as a lens. It is our brand of agripreneurship, and why at Farmcity, we use agriculture to nourish brains and bellies.