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Food Systems & Fair Trade
Workshop (Secondary Level)

80 secondary level students from Lighthouse School visited Farmcity to learn about how we grow and to understand some of the challenges in our food system. This was the start of a semester long project, where they went on to develop and execute mini-projects that illustrated the theme of “Sustainable Agriculture”. 

The Agripreneurs Club:

Chapter 1 Workshop Series (Junior Youths)

Between 31 August 2019 and 27 November 2019, Farmcity welcomed 150 junior youths across the Northern region of Mauritius:  La Tour Koenig, Bois Marchand, Cité La Cure, St. Croix, Triolet, Baie du Tombeau, Goodlands and Cottage. In Chapter 1, participants are first introduced to the possibilities of sustainable farming in a modern way through a tour of our Learning Farm. On their tour, they learn about the different strategies employed to farm in harmony in nature, taste some farm fresh produce, and even conduct a mini experiment to understand irrigation through capillary action. In the second half of the day, we turn the floor over to these bright, young junior youths! They are each given 2 scenarios to role play - first, as Minister of Agriculture to propose ways to make agriculture attractive to youths; and then taking on a superpower to solve some of the most pressing issues facing their communities today. The depth of discussion that followed, as well as their suggestions to solve some extremely challenging problems - of drugs, of pollution, of poor health, left us wondering why we aren't involving them in our policy making process. Imagine the wonders that could be achieved if we simply gave young people a voice!

The Agripreneurs Club:

Chapter 2 Workshop Series (Junior Youths)

Following the first session, the 150 junior youths return to the farm again, this time diving heads-in (and hands on) learning the basics of farming. As a group, they will learn how to prepare the soil, sow seeds, manage weeds, irrigate and tend to their own bed of crops on the farm. The goal is that they learn some basic gardening skills that they can easily replicate at home. In the later part of the session, the junior youths go on a scientific exploration of the world beyond what their eyes can see. With the aid of microscopes, participants examine different plant, soil and insect samples taken from the farm, discovering the hidden universe of the microscopic world. 
Chapter 2 was made possible through the Public Diplomacy Grant provided by the U.S Embassy of Mauritius.

Corporate Team Building  Workshop (Adults)

Centering around the theme of Respect, this team building encompassed a Learning Journey to Farmcity, followed by a team harvesting session ‘U-pick’ style. Using organic agriculture as a lens, the participants engaged in important conversations about the many dimensions of 'respect: from self, to community and as well as the environment. Attendees were also encouraged to translate their ideas into actual commitments for the longer term. The day ended with participants harvesting a variety of crops that were ripe for picking that day. For many, this was the first time they had harvested their very own vegetables.

Tools of the Trade Workshop
(Junior Youths)

Youths from the Triolet SSR Disability Services Centre graced our Mauritius campus on 23rd of September. We explored some 'tools of the trade' required on our farm to complement their organic gardening module in school. This event was made possible with the support of the U.S. Embassy, Port Louis.

Biodiversity & Me
Workshop (Primary Level)

This workshop took our primary school participants on a journey around the farm, as they engaged their senses to explore how their food is grown, irrigated and recycled. They also learnt about biodiverse ecosystems, identifying both pest and beneficial insects on the farm. Their journey ended with our participants planting their own little magic beans, in upcycled paper pots! 

Journey of the Senses
Workshop (Pre-School Level)

To complement their “Green Fingers” unit in school, these teeny tiny farmers came by to Farmcity to learn about how to seed, plant and grow their very own veggies.

Farm to Table Culinary Experience - Ticketed Event (Adults)

Kicking things off with a list of veggies to harvest direct from the farm, these Foodies prepared their entire meal from scratch, as a team, and under the guidance of the Chefs of the Day.  This culinary experience takes place right on an organic farm and was designed to be a fun filled way to learn more about how your food makes its way from the farm to your plate! Participants get to meet the growers, learn a new recipe (or three), and leave with new friends!

The Agripreneurs’ Club: Singapore Pilot Workshop Series (Primary Level)

The Agripreneurs’ Club: Singapore Pilot was made possible through the generous support of the eBay Foundation’s Global Give 2019, an award that supports innovative nonprofits around the world working to promote entrepreneurship and small businesses. Farmcity is the first Mauritian social enterprise to receive an award from the eBay Foundation. This project was run in collaboration with the Maju Collective.

Future of  Agri-food in Singapore

(Panelist & Co-Organizers)

Honoured to be part of a conversation examining the role that education can play in Singapore's quest for food security. We gained a much deeper understanding of Singapore's foodscape, its key challenges and the many opportunities in merging agriculture and education. These insights will be invaluable in contextualizing our key program - The Agripreneurs' Club - for Singapore.
Deepest gratitude to the dynamic team at The Maju Collective, and also to eBay Foundation, who's support of our efforts to increase agripreneurship capacity made all of this possible.

Organic farming from balcony Workshop (Kids)

Contrary to popular belief, farming is absolutely possible from your balconies! We ran a kids workshop where they learnt how to growing their own food from their balconies. We thought it'd be great to give these munchkins a headstart - planting the seeds, quite literally! 30% self sufficiency by 2030? Yes, they can!

Organic farming from Home
Webinar (Adult Learners)

Following our mini workshop with kids, we decided to organize a free Zoom Webinar in Singapore and were heartened by the amazing turn out of 46 participants! We addressed some of the common questions we have been asked in our short time here, and yes, there's no such thing as a green thumb! Anyone can get started growing, and you don’t need sexy tech to do that. 

Farming from your HDB Lift Lobby Workshop (Kids)

The Education continues this time at the HDB Lift Landing. Our young participants came to help out their Mama (Grandma) who grows her own veggies right outside her unit. Together, we planted the eggplant and caixin seeds we were so privileged to receive from National Environment Agency (NEA). Even if you are 12 storeys up, you can still grow your own food!