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Mighty Growers

A living game that combines real plants with virtual fun, no green thumbs needed.

Watch the Story

Wondering what this is all about? You've come to the right place, O Curious One. Our team of garden elves are working hard to get this out to the world, but let me tell you how it all started. Here’s the tale of how our urban farming kit was created.

What you'll need


Play The Game


Simply Tag  @mightygrowers  and Hashtag  #startgame  in instagram, on the day you unbox and plant your seeds. Our Guardians will know when you've planted your seeds and will guide you towards your first mission. 


Be as creative as you can with your videos and photos, as we give away monthly prizes for creativity!

The Grand Prize

Complete all missions in each category and earn the ultimate bragging right of becoming a true Guardian. Guardians enjoy the privilege of becoming a Land Manager on a real farm. (1).gif

We're now accepting orders

Reserve your MightyGrower Kit today!

Mighty Grower Kits are now available at a discounted price, for a limited time. Place your order for your ‘grow your own plant’ kit in

Singapore today!

Includes: 3 kinds of seeds of your choice (out of 9), and everything you need to get started. 

$̶2̶8̶.8̶0̶    $25.90