Organic Neem Concentrate

Our neem oil concentrate is used to combat plant pests and fungus. It is non-toxic solution that causes insect pests to reduce or cease feeding, prevent larvae from maturing, and reduces or interrupts mating behaviour. Neem oil is a natural by-product of the neem tree, and is an effective at killing fungal spores too.

How to use

5 Drops
500ml water
Ready to use
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  • As a preventive spray:
    • spray liberally on both sides of the leaves once every 2 weeks.
  • To combat visible pests/fungus:
    1. Spray liberally on both sides of the leaves once every 3 days for 1 week. 
    2. Reduce to once every 7 days for 2 weeks.
    3. Continue as a preventive spray once every 2 weeks thereafter.
  • Caution:
    • Spray when it is cool (early morning or late evening) to prevent leaf burn. Dilute as directed, a little bit goes a long way!

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Organic Neem Concentrate
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Why it works?
Neem oil causes insect pests to reduce or cease feeding, can prevent larvae from maturing, reduces or interrupts mating behavior and, in some cases, the oil coats the breathing holes of insects and kills them. It is non-toxic to birds, fish, bees and other wildlife, and safe to use in the garden if used as directed. It also kills fungus spores and can be an effective solution against fungal diseases like powdery mildew,  rust and leaf spot. 
How to know it is working?
You should notice reduced pests activity (e.g pests are not feeding, or numbers are reduced) by the second week. Yellowing, browning of and visible damage of leaves after using indicate that the product was not used as directed above. If so, wash away coating on leaves with water, move plant away from direct sunlight and allow plant time to ‘recover’ for about a week before trying again.