Organic Liquid Compost

Our organic liquid compost potion is used to encourage flowering and fruiting; to feed plants as it enter the fruiting stage.

How to use

5 Drops
500ml water
Ready to use
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  • At the sign of first budding / flowers: spray liberally on both sides of leaves or use as a soil drench.
  • Continue throughout life of plant, use once every 2 weeks.
  • Caution: A little bit goes a long way! Follow directions to avoid overdosing!

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Organic Liquid Compost Potion
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Commonly Used for:
Use during the following growth stage:
Why it works?
Our Organic Liquid Compost is fish based, so it is full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that your plant requires to bear fruit. It also contains humid acid that stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity that will break down the nutrients in your potting media so it becomes available for your plants. Best used with Farmcity Veggie Mix.
How to know it is working?
You should notice increased flowering, and well-formed fruits after. Plants should also be more resistant to pest infestations. Yellowing, browning of and visible damage of leaves after using indicate that the product was not used as directed above. If so, water plant deeply,  move plant away from direct sunlight and allow plant time to ‘recover’ for about a week before trying again.