Organic Veggie Mix

Our organic veggie mix is used to grow your own vegetables in pots and containers; also good as a seed starter.

How to use

Fill up Pot as follows:

Video Tutorial

Commonly Used for:
Use during the following growth stage:
Why it works?
Our organic veggie mix is ready to use, with all the starter nutrients your plants need. Just fill and grow! Tried and tested on our farm,  this mix is perfect for growing vegetables in containers. Beneficial micro-organisms keep it biologically active, breaking down neem, vermicompost and compost so their nutrients are readily available to your plants. Coco coir ensures just the right amount of water is retained while still keeping plant roots happy and healthy.
How to know it is working?
Use it together with our range of products that help you get your organic veggie patch going:
  • For healthier growth: Organic seaweed concentrate
  • For pest control: Organic neem oil concentrate
  • To encourage fruiting and flowering: Organic liquid compost