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Choosing the right partner for our eco-friendly grow kits. #StickerStory

Finding the right suppliers for quality eco-friendly products was no easy feat. While designing our indoor gardening kits and potting mix, we were determined to eliminate the single-use plastic commonly found in similar products on the market.

Sustainable packaging was a deliberate choice for us, even if it ended up costing more. We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our impact on the environment, with every product we offer. We were also conscious of and were responding to consumers who were expecting better of the brands they buy from.

A small item we use in-and-outside our indoor gardening kits are stickers. Stickers help us to share our story across different products, and offer a flexible way to update the information quickly while keeping costs low.

We went in search of different sticker companies but few offered eco-friendly materials at an affordable price. One supplier stood out of the lot for their quality and service:

Meet the local company that supplies Farmcity with eco-friendly Kraft stickers


SingaPrinting has been our trusted supplier since day1 with their high quality Kraft stickers and quick delivery time. They use state-of-the-art printing machinery, with a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colours. Mostly importantly, they offer excellent customer service.

Why did we choose SingaPrinting?

  • Buying local reduces our carbon footprint

  • Quality, eco-friendly kraft stickers that adhere well in all temperatures

  • Excellent customer service

  • Speed of delivery

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