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Indoor Gardening Kit Singapore: Easiest Vegetables To Grow At Home

Indoor Vegetable Garden at Home

Most of us would have dabbled in gardening at some point in our lives, whether as part of a science project in school or as a way to deal with extended lockdowns.

However, many failed attempts have left most of us concluding that we have black thumbs and that gardening is simply beyond us. Truth be told, anyone can get started gardening, no green thumbs needed. It is a low cost activity that brings about high emotional and mental wellbeing, offers you an authentic farm-to-table experience right in your own home, and even better yet, a tangible way to lower your carbon footprint!

In fact, half the battle is won when you pick the right plants for your climate. Here's a roundup of some of the easiest plants to grow at home in Singapore. Grab your indoor gardening kit and let’s get planting.

1. Kang Kong

Kang Kong Indoor Gardening Seeds

Kang kong is a vegetable well-loved by many. If you don’t order a Sambal Kang Kong whenever you head downstairs for a Tze Char dinner, you are missing out.

Kang kong is one of the simplest vegetables to grow at home; it thrives in tropical climates like ours and can practically grow without tender loving care. Even if you forget to water it once in a while, it will just continue to grow.

To begin growing your own kang kong, simply get your own indoor gardening kit from us. Sow one to two kang kong seeds in a small pot and keep it well watered every day in a warm, sunny location. They will germinate easily within a few days.

After about 10 days, transplant the kang kong seedlings to a larger pot filled with our organic potting mix. Continue to water them and provide plenty of sunlight, your kang kong will be ready for harvest within about 60 days of seeding.

2. Basil

Basil Plant Ideal for Indoor Gardening

Basil is an aromatic herb that is commonly used in Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai cuisine. Just like kang kong, it is a tropical herb that thrives in heat and moisture. Basil grows extremely quickly, going from seed to harvest in as little as three to four weeks, making it an ideal easy-growing herb for beginners.

To ensure that your basil grows well in Singapore, make sure it is grown in an organic potting mix and that the basil variety you choose is suitable for our tropical climate.

First, grab our indoor gardening kit and plant one to two seeds in a small pot or our CocoCups. Give them plenty of water every day in a sunny location with at least six hours of sunlight. They should sprout in seven days. You can then transplant them into a bigger pot 10 days after sprouting.

By using the CocoCups, you can transplant them directly in a bigger pot together without uprooting your basil seedlings. The CocoCups will decompose and nourish your plant over time. If you sowed your seeds in other pots, plastic cups or trays, do wait till your seedling is about 15 cm tall with at least 2 pairs of true leaves before transplanting.

Your basil leaves will be ready for harvest in about three to four weeks.

Check out how to take good care of your basil plant here.

3. Bayam

Bayam Indoor Gardening Seeds

Bayam, or Chinese spinach, is another “low-maintenance” vegetable to grow. You can enjoy multiple harvests from one sowing.

Bayam seeds are very easy to get in Singapore, you can also get them with our indoor gardening kits. Because bayam seeds are so small, you must be careful not to crowd them together when sowing. Sow the seeds in a pot with our organic potting mix and give them plenty of water and sunlight.

After 10 to 20 days of sowing, transplant them into a larger pot 20 to 25cm deep. They should be ready to harvest in as little as 25 days after transplanting if you water them regularly. Remember to leave at least four leaves behind so that new shoots can grow.

4. Bok Choy

Bok Choy Easy-To-Grow Plant

Bok choy is an easy-to-grow plant that doesn’t require a lot of space to grow. However, bok choy is a cool-season crop, so it should only be given moderate sunlight in our tropical climate.

Sow one to two bok choy seeds in a small pot filled with organic potting mix using our indoor gardening kit. Water thoroughly and place in a sunny location, but refrain from leaving it under direct sunlight for too many hours. Shoots should begin to emerge from the soil in 7 to 10 days.

After 10 days, transplant the bok choy seedlings into a larger pot filled with well-draining organic potting mix. Give your bok choy a lot of water to keep it cool and humid. They should be ready for harvest in five to eight weeks.

5. Ladies Finger/Okra