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The Most Fun Way To Learn How To Grow

What do you get when you combine living plants with virtual fun, and fantastic rewards for every stage?

Introducing Mighty Growers, a living game that is the most fun way to learn how to grow, with absolutely no green thumbs needed!

We've made it so easy that even kids love it too!

Mighty Growers was developed after speaking to urban dwellers all across the island, who wanted to grow their own food but didn't know how to get started. Existing grow kits on the market left much to be desired, and there was just simply too much information online for the busy urban folk to wade through. A good majority blamed their lack of green thumbs, while others has simply resigned themselves to never having a productive edible garden because they didn't have a backyard. So we started asking ourselves — what if we could empower urban dwellers to grow their own food using the space they already had? More importantly, how could we do that in a way that checked all of the following boxes:

  • super easy for anyone to get started

  • step-by-step guidance in bite-sized chunks

  • community support on the go

  • exciting rewards for every step completed

  • deliberately sustainable right down to its packaging

Well after several iterations, Mighty Growers was born! Players receive their beginner grow kit containing 3 different types of seeds, along with the instructions and everything they need to get started. The living game is played entirely over Instagram - simply snap a picture and send it to @MightyGrowers for next step instructions on what to do. Players also get exclusive access to the Mighty Grower Network, a community of urban growers, with grow guides, tips and tricks and a wealth of resources to get their grow on.

More importantly, completing each 'plant mission' entitles you to exciting rewards. The most exciting of all is the chance to win the land management rights to your very farm plot. Completing the game allows you to put your knowledge directly to work on a real-life working farm with:

  1. A private virtual tour of the farm, conducted by the team on the ground.

  2. Naming rights to the plot of your choice.

  3. Management rights (choose what is planted and when).

  4. The choice of which beneficiaries your crops will be donated to.

  5. Bragging rights, with the certificate to prove it all!

Manage your farm plot on a real, working farm in Mauritius!

But don't just take our word for it, check out what other players are saying:

Get your grow on with Mighty Growers, we are rooting for you!