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  • Kelly Ann

All Because Of You

Farmcity was nominated for the President's Challenge Social Enterprise Start up Award 2021!

Some say "It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur", and we wholeheartedly agree. We are where we are today, because we had YOU in our corner. All because of you, our Mighty Grower Living Game has reached over 1000 home and corporate partners. We are also able to provide casual employment to 2 differently-abled youths. We'll continue to make Mighty Growers the best living game that turns every pain point in plant parenthood into a reward.


Thank you for believing in us, for encouraging us by shopping locally, for taking time to give us feedback and allowing us the opportunity to get better. We are still learning, and the road ahead is long. But with you in our corner, we are confident we will get there.

Thank you for being part of the Farmcity Family.