Bundle of 2 Veggie Mix (-10%) + 2 Baba Pots Ø31cm (-20%)

Bundle of 2 Veggie Mix (-10%) + 2 Baba Pots Ø31cm (-20%)

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2 Baba Pots (310mm). These pots have the following characteristics:

  • Good drainage and ventilation
  • Suitable for all kinds of crops, including Farmcity's root crops like White radish and Beetroots.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Dimension: Ø310 x 263mm
  • PP Virgin Material
  • Food grade coloring
  • Environmental friendly
  • UV protection


The 2 Veggie Mix have been tried and tested on our organic farm. They are perfect for growing great tasting vegetables in containers. Beneficial micro-organisms keep it biologically active, breaking down neem, compost and vermicompost to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need; all while cococoir keep your plant roots happy and healthy.


*Black metal stand not included.