Bundle 2 Pots + 2 Potting Mix

Bundle 2 Pots + 2 Potting Mix

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Farmcity’s organic potting mix is ready to use, with all the starter nutrients your plants need. Just fill and grow! Tried and tested on our farm, this mix is perfect for growing vegetables in containers. Beneficial micro-organisms keep it biologically active, breaking down a perfect ratio of neem, vermicompost and compost so that nutrients are readily available to your plants. Coco coir ensures just the right amount of water is retained while still keeping plant roots happy and healthy.


Receive 2 large pots, with a dimension of Ø310 x 263mm, which will give your plants enough space to develop their roots, as well as providing good drainage and ventilation. These pots are suitable for all kinds of crops, including root crops like white radish and beetroots. They use food grade coloring and provide UV protection, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor.



  • Transplanting your plants. 

  • Caring for your plant.

  • Observe growth transition from young plant to fruiting plant.


What's Included:

  • Two Potting Mix Bags of 3 kg each

  • Two Pots, Dimension Ø310 x 263mm