Farmcity Veggie Mix

Farmcity Veggie Mix

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This product has been tried and tested on our organic farm. It is perfect for growing great tasting vegetables in containers.
Beneficial micro-organisms keep it biologically active, breaking
down neem, compost and vermicompost to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need; all while cococoir keep your plant roots happy and healthy. Learn more about how to use this product.

  • Product Details

    • Beneficial micro-organisms
    • Neem fertilizer
    • Coco coir
    • Compost
    • Vermicompost

    When To Use

    • Repotting plants fresh from the store/nursery
    • Starting a new pot/container of vegetables and herbs
    • Starting seeds
    • Topping up an old pot

    How To Use

    • When Repotting/Starting Seeds: Ready to use, no further mixing required! Pour directly into your pot/container of choice. Water deeply (until water runs out of the container) before transplanting or starting seeds. 

    • When Topping Up: Pour into pot/container, mix well with existing soil. Water deeply (until water runs out of the container).



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A for-profit social enterprise on a mission to have a resilience garden in every home. 

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