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Organic Growth Booster

Organic Growth Booster


Our organic growth booster contains hormones from natural seaweed extract, essential to plant growth . They stimulate growth by mobilising nutrients in the plants, balance the speed of growth and help to increase water uptake. This enables the plant to be more resilient to external stress such as heat and pest attacks. 

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    How To Use?
    • When starting seeds: soak seeds 30 mins prior to planting OR water seeds with solution immediately after planting
    • New transplants/ throughout leafy growth stage of plants: spray on both sides of leaves OR water with seaweed solution once a week
    • Caution: A little bit goes a long way! Follow directions to avoid overdosing!
    How Do You Know It Is Working?

    You should notice increased growth within 7 - 10 days; leaves should also appear green and lush. Yellowing and/or browning of leaves after using seaweed solution indicate that the product was not diluted as indicated above. If so, flush pots/containers with a deep watering.