Organic Plant Potion Bundle

Organic Plant Potion Bundle

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A complete set of organic plant potions for all your growing needs. Our power-packed trio contains the following:

- Organic Growth Booster

- Organic Neem Concentrate (Pest Control)

- Organic Liquid Compost


*This set also comes with a free Farmcity Spray Bottle, conveniently provided so you have all you need in one box. 
Learn more about how to use each potion.
  • Product Details

    Organic Growth Booster Our organic growth booster contains hormones from natural seaweed extract, essential to plant growth . They stimulate growth by mobilising nutrients in the plants, balance the speed of growth and help to increase water uptake. This enables the plant to be more resilient to external stress such as heat and pest attacks. Learn more about how to use this product.
    Organic Neem Concentrate Our neem oil concentrate is used to combat plant pests and fungus. It is non-toxic solution that causes insect pests to reduce or cease feeding, prevent larvae from maturing, and reduces or interrupts mating behaviour. Neem oil is a natural by-product of the neem tree, and is an effective at killing fungal spores too. Learn more about how to use this product.
    Organic Liquid Compost Our Organic Liquid Compost is fish based, so it is full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that your plant requires to bear fruits. It also contains humid acid that stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity that will break down the nutrients in your potting media so it becomes available for your plants. Best used with Farmcity Veggie Mix. Learn more about how to use this product.



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