Urban Grower - Rainbow Kit

Urban Grower - Rainbow Kit

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Get your very own veggie patch going right in your apartment, no farming experience required. Our starter kit will help you get started to grow your own veggies. [includes Garlic Chives, Beetroot and Rainbow Chard].  Learn more about how to use this product.

  • Product Details

    • x9 Coco Cups
    • Veggie Mix 360g
    • x3 Seed Packets
    • x1 Spray Bottle
    Why It Works

    Our starter kit for urban farmers is an environmentally friendly way to get your grow on! Our CocoCups are made from coconut fibres and are 100% biodegradable. This means we can skip the plastic, while your seeds get a comfy spot to grow in, with ample room for their roots to stretch out, and plenty of air pockets for a healthy root zone. The icing on the cake? Transplant the seedlings in their permanent home in their CocoCups, as they will decompose and nourish your soil.