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“the amazing thing about Mighty Growers Growing Kit is that if you tag them during unboxing, they will share with you the various milestones and online video resources to let you know what to you in the next step!”

— @somethingboutrenes


Mighty Growers Urban Beginner Kit is really a great gift for any plant-mom-newbies who would like to plant their own vegetable garden. You get rewards for every plant milestones you unlock and this game provides step by step instructions to guide you along the way!



“A blend of tech, gardening and competition. Love this idea!”

— Eleanor


“This starter kit contains everything I need to start growing healthy and nutritional veggies from the comfort of my home”

— @gwenteo

Workshop Review.png

I also highly recommend gardeners to attend your workshop if they have the opportunity to join. Thank you so much!

Felicia, workshop participant


“ I recommend this starter kit that contains all you need to start growing your veggies and you will also be participating in the interactive game that will provide step by step instructions for your crops! It’s fun and let your kids join you too! 🍃🍃🍃”

— @somethingboutrenes


This is a perfect blend of tech and reality. There’s kits available with everything you need, so if you’ve always wanted to start growing your own vegetables but never knew where to start, this is perfect for you.



“ I’m thankful I found @mightygrowers! 🙏Me and Kylie had a great time planting at the comfort of our home.🪴🌱💚”

— @somethingboutrenes


Love the packaging of this set! Very easy to follow and they even set up a community for us to ask questions!


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