The Farmshop

How to order our vegetables?

We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables. Currently, we are trialling a "Community Supported Agriculture  (CSA) Style" of vegetable basket distribution. In essence, this is a partnership between a community (that’s you) and a farmer (that’s us). Farmcity pledges to grow good, healthy food for the community, and the community pledges to support the farm. We aim to provide a weekly basket of mixed vegetables, cultivated organically and freshly harvested on the day of collection. We will also bring it to a collection point near you for your added convenience! 


Currently,  our Collection Points are: 

  1. Farmcity | Friday 2.30 - 3.30 pm

  2. Palmiers Ave, Quatre Bornes | Friday 4 - 6pm

To sign up for our Community Supported Veggie Baskets, click here: Please note our next cycle of crops will be ready for harvest around Feb/Mar 2020. If you've registered for our Veggie Baskets, you will receive a notification via Whatsapp on the exact date of the first delivery. 

Other Products Great for Your Garden

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FARMCITY Potting Mix

Perfectly blended mix of two OMRI Listed Organic Products - namely Riococo Coco Coir, and OM Substrate peat, Farmcity's own mix is great for growing in pots, raised beds and starting seeds. This is the very same mix we use on our farm!


Rs 120


OM Substrate Organic Growing Medium 

OMSubstrate is a readymade growing media for growing plants organically. It is best used for starting seeds, and it is also a greataddition to potting mix in order to increase moisture holding capabilities. Made from Sphagnum Moss peat that is sustainably harvested and 100% traceable in Estonia, OMSubstrate’s raw materials are selected carefully in order to meet the stringent requirements of organic growing. Ingredients are either certified organically or inspected to meet organic requirements according to international standards. This is a precious resource, and a little bit goes a long way. Use it sparingly!

View Certificate


Rs 450



Everything we grow on the farm is available for sale as a ready-to-transplant seedling. Need something specific? We do made-to-order too. Feel free to contact us and order your plant.


Rs 50