How to order our vegetables?

We sell direct-to-consumer, that way we can ensure they remain accessible to everybody. In turn, our customers get to enjoy greater cost savings for healthier vegetables. Currently, we are trialling a "Community Supported Agriculture  (CSA) Style" of vegetable basket distribution. In essence, this is a partnership between a community (that’s you) and a farmer (that’s us). Farmcity pledges to grow good, healthy food for the community, and the community pledges to support the farm. We aim to provide a weekly basket of mixed vegetables, cultivated organically and freshly harvested on the day of collection. We will also bring it to a collection point near you for your added convenience! 


Currently,  our Collection Points are: 

  1. Farmcity | Friday 2.30 - 3.30 pm

  2. Palmiers Ave, Quatre Bornes | Friday 4 - 6pm

To sign up for our Community Supported Veggie Baskets, click here: Please note our next cycle of crops will be ready for harvest around May 2020. If you've registered for our Veggie Baskets, you will receive a notification via Whatsapp on the exact date of the first delivery. 

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