FARMCITY Potting Mix


Perfectly blended mix of two OMRI Listed Organic Products - namely Riococo Coco Coir, and OM Substrate peat, Farmcity's own mix is great for growing in pots, raised beds and starting seeds. This is the very same mix we use on our farm!

Rs 120


Seed Packets


Seasonal availability, seed inventory varies. Drop us a message to find out what is available!

Rs 50 




Everything we grow on the farm is available for sale as a ready-to-transplant seedling. Need something specific? We do made-to-order too!

Rs 50


Organic Coco Coir (Mulch) OMRI Listed 


Riococo 200 Coco Coir is 100% organic and biodegradable. It’s fibrous texture enables excellent water-holding capacities while still promoting good drainage and aeration. Great as a mulch to keep your soil cool in the scorching heat. Can also be added to clay soil to improve aeration, or to sandy soil to increase water holding capacity.

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Rs 40


Protect-Us Organic Snail Bait


We know first hand the devastation pesky snails can cause in just one night! With Protect Us Organic Snail Bait, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your garden is safe from hungry snails. Made of elemental iron, Protect-Us Organic Snail Bait reacts with the low pH in a snail’s gut to stop them from feeding. It is non-toxic and safe to use around pets and other garden fauna.

Rs 370




Everything from our open field irrigation system to our very own hand-hoe. 


Garden tools

OM Substrate Organic Growing Medium 


OMSubstrate is a readymade growing media for growing plants organically. It is best used for starting seeds, and it is also a greataddition to potting mix in order to increase moisture holding capabilities. Made from Sphagnum Moss peat that is sustainably harvested and 100% traceable in Estonia, OMSubstrate’s raw materials are selected carefully in order to meet the stringent requirements of organic growing. Ingredients are either certified organically or inspected to meet organic requirements according to international standards. This is a precious resource, and a little bit goes a long way. Use it sparingly!

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Rs 450


Yellow Sticky Traps


Yellow Sticky Traps are quite valuable to growers and useful to monitor, lure and trap pests. Putting traps out in numbers can be effective in reducing airborne adult populations of certain pests like whiteflies. 

Rs 180

Pack of 10 Traps

Fresh Veggies


Produce available varies according to the season and our Facebook page is the best way to see what’s available for the week.


Weekly Markets

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near Centre Equestre La Louisa

Monday - Friday 

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The StartupHouse 

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How We Grow?

We grow our crops under the TropicBird - our proprietary greenhouse built for the tropics.  Named after the Paille-en-queue, the TropicBird is a new type of sheltered farming designed for the tropical climate. Passive ventilation systems channels heat effectively, greatly reduces the penetration of insects and pests, and a central gutter channels rainwater away from crops and into storage systems for future use. It is also built to withstand cyclonic wind speeds of up to 280 km/h! This patent-pending greenhouse is modular and can be mounted in the fields or up on rooftops. We also cultivate in raised bed plantations filled with nutrient-rich soil that is teeming with life.

Diverse plantings of flowers, herbs and trees of different varieties enable a farm rich in above- and below-ground beneficial organisms that naturally control insects and inhibit growth of disease organisms. Green waste generated is fed to composting worms, transforming waste into organic, nutrient-rich fertilizer for the crops. Rainwater is collected and stored for irrigation, using a system that is gravity-powered and completely plant-driven. This minimises water wastage, eliminates fertilizer run off and requires no power to operate. Meanwhile, a basic photovoltaic system generates sufficient energy to provide for the rest of the farm’s energy needs.

Visit us to see that in action!

Our Pricing Philosophy

We deliberately keep our prices stable each year, because we understand that fluctuating prices create a lot of uncertainty for households operating on a tight budget. This means that we will never raise our prices “just because”, even when the rest of the market is.