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clean and simple for city-dwellers

Singapore Campus

Growing edibles organically, in cities, is absolutely possible! With our experience gained in Mauritius, we want to bridge the farming knowledge gap for city dwellers. From seed to harvest, and everything in between, Farmcity will make farming clean and simple in Singapore! 



Designed by real farmers

90 sec


Bite sized, easy to follow.


Clean & Simple for city-dwellers
1. Reliable.
Our grow kits, veggie mixes, and plant potions are prepared by real farmers. Everything we sell is put to the test in our very own organic garden before we make it available.
2. Easy to use.
Each product is designed to prevent guesstimation. We eliminate any cognitive stress with clever packaging, easy to follow instructions and bite sized videos.
3. Great for the planet.
From packaging to product, everything we choose and use is carefully curated to be reused, to prevent waste, and to protect our environment.

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