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Farmcity offers guided tours and workshops to enable anyone to experience modern farming first hand. From seeding to cooking, educational field trips to team building, immerse yourselves in an interactive learning experience for all ages. 


90 minutes | Up to 25 participants per session
An interactive field trip that engages participants in important discussions around the future of ecology, food and welfare. Participants will embark on a journey into the TropicBird greenhouse, the first of its kind in the world,explore the raised bed gardens, before having a go at upcycling their very own souvenir!

 Rs 350  


3 Hours | Up to 25 participants per session
A participant driven workshop with a difference! Specially developed for secondary and tertiary students, we introduce participants to Farmcity's social enterprise model and engage their inner entrepreneur with a fair trade simulation. We use the local food system as a lens to promote student learning about food security and nutrition for future generations.

 Rs 650  


45 minutes | Up to 25 participants per session

Every Saturday morning, we take our visitors on a tour of Farmcity, sharing what we do, how we grow, and what we are all about. We never want income to be a barrier to learning more, so we conduct these tours on a “Pay-What-You-Wish basis. This means exactly that - pay what you wish at the end of the tour, if you feel you’ve learnt something during your visit.




180 minutes | Up to 15 participants per session
Come along on an immersive culinary experience at Farmcity! Discover the farm as you forage for your ingredients, all cultivated organically and in harmony with nature. Our Chefs will then share their tips and tricks as you prepare a full meal together. Learn a new skill, test a new recipe, and finish with new friends at every Farm To Table experience.

 Rs 1250  



Individually tailored | Up to 25 participants per session
Fancy a change of scenery? Our experiential programs take teams and managers on a learning journey out of the office and ‘back to the land’. Exposure to nature has been linked to better moods, higher job satisfaction, and more commitment to their employer. Speak with us today to tailor an activity that best suit your employee needs.

 Rs 1500